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The Sleep Training Journey - Epic fail or Absolute Game Changer?

After 45 minutes of crying we called it quits. We never planned to sleep train our baby. If felt unnatural to us, still does. We just hoped that she would eventually become a good sleeper, while she was in the other hand, getting more and more attached to me. We’ve had a few rough nights, which have left me a walking zombie during the day, and was on the verge of having another one of those nights where the baby wakes up as soon as I put her down in her crib, when we decided to let her cry it out. At 11pm.

I was crying and hubby was trying to calm me down, and I called my mom to soothe me, but she ended up making things worse and was asking me to pick up the baby, and then my dad was even more confused about the whole thing. It became a family affair.

Then I asked hubby to check on her, and he did. And he picked her up. I couldn’t be mad at him, although I felt that we’ve wasted the 45 minutes of crying, heaving and stressing , I got it. He saw what I’ve been feeling - he saw her distress and had to stop it.

I don’t know that I can let my baby cry it out. I don’t think my baby will cry eventually fall asleep. I think my baby, this baby, absolutely needs me to feel secure and Safe enough to sleep.

Watch this space for our sleep training journey

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